SOLONITsA - the Russian a little village in Nizhny Novgorod area!

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Await the your messages.


I congratulate, is happy for you. :yes:

'n in here cool without Ah, this is great. (Vorsma Urban Settlement) work Yurkova


Larisa, I very is happy that you now here. When a bit'm done with work open still themes. For you, too, anything can find the money. Thank you for adding in popular promyslakh, this my espoused theme.


Galya, I very is happy that the review you grassroots. Photos and the text I has found in Yandex. Me more likes this say system. I and itself very is happy was when has found the legend about origins name "Vetluga (town)." Most interesting, that [on this material simply accidentally, was looking quite another.


Olja, received whether you disk with photographs Kalinine, Krasnohvardiiske Raion?


Yes, huge thank you. Now'm just mulling things over far and that can be place on Forum.
This you, Larisa.


Thank you. Until meeting in late December - 'm leaving on session.


Galya, you as always descent proposal. Such a accurately no one no!


Very positively!


:rofl: Olja, now and I itself has gone on your forum. Have you, too, interestingly. Of course he look like on Gahlin, but this, I think, normally, after all we modern development of. Large you expression. Not every will determine, and you brilliant. Go for it and further.